How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally with Only 3 Easy Tricks :how to get big natural boobs

The internet is filled with different ways to make your boobs bigger. But breast size is determined primarily by someone’s genes and hormones followed by lifestyle and body weight. And there is no magic pill to get a bigger cup size.

However, there are a few things you can do to make your breasts appear bigger. They may not have the same effect as cosmetic surgery. But they may be an option for anyone looking for a subtle increase and are reluctant to do surgery.

Check out these 3 tips to increase your bust size. The boost may be subtle. But that may be all you need.


First, get moving. Exercises that focus on the shoulders, back, and pectorals can help improve muscle tone underneath the breasts.


Arm circles are exactly what they sound like. You can use hand weights, cans, or small water bottle to add extra resistance to this exercise.

  • Extend your arms out to a “T” horizontally to your sides
  • Keep your arms at shoulder level and slowly make circles forward for 1 minute
  • Next, make slow circles backward for 1 minute
  • Now pulse your arms up and down in small, concentrated movements for 1 minute
  • Repeat once or twice


Wall presses are modified versions of push-ups that you may be familiar with. Use a wall or any other upright, stable source to lean on.

  • First, stand in front of the wall, placing your palms against the surface at approximately chest level
  • Slowly lower your body until your front nearly touches the surface, keep your back straight
  • Push up with your arms and return to your start position
  • Repeat 10-15 times per rep


Arm presses are similar to arm circles. But instead of circles to the side of your body, you’ll pull your arms into the front of the body. For more advanced movements, try it with hand weights or resistance bands.

  • Start from a sitting or standing position, arms extended in front of you with palms together
  • Open your arms and pull them back until your back arches
  • Bring your arms back together to the front
  • Repeat the movement for approximately 1-minute


Like the arm press, this exercise involves pulling your arms to the front of your body. This is another exercise that works out your pectoral muscles.

  • First, start off with your arms in front of you with arms bent at 90-degree angles
  • Keeping your arms bent, open them as far as you can
  • Bring your arms back together
  • Repeat the motion for at least 1 minute


The prayer pose is another exercise that works out the pectoral muscles. It’s like the horizontal chest press, except instead of bringing them together you pull them into your chest.

  • Extend your arms in front of your body, keep them level with your shoulders
  • Press your palms together for 30 seconds
  • Next, press your palms together and bend your elbows at 90-degrees
  • Pull your arms towards your chest in a prayer pose and hold for 10-seconds
  • Release
  • Repeat this movement 15 times

All the exercises mentioned may be performed without extra equipment or even going to a gym. But if you want an added challenge, you can incorporate resistance bands or small arm weights.

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