How to get rid of bad breath in the morning?

Bad breath in the morning can be so handicapping when you’re in a relationship! We would almost avoid saying hello to his partner. But it is not inevitable. Here are some tips to smell good!

To have good breath, it is essential to follow good rules of oral hygiene… But not just! Here are some tips for having a fresh (more) breath when waking up.

Brushing your teeth.
This is not a scoop: brushing teeth is a habit to take from an early age, twice a day, to promote good oral hygiene. We already have so many bacteria in the mouth-even after brushing-that without brushing, dental plaques, cavities and gum problems will multiply. Take the opportunity to brush your tongue, sometimes responsible for bad breath too.

Drink a lot.
Hydration of the organism is essential for good digestion and therefore good breath. At night, our mouth dries out. In addition, saliva does not do its job of “cleaning” the oral cavity as in the daytime. Get in the habit of drinking water regularly during the day and in the evening, a few sips at bedtime, will keep the hydration as long as possible.

Mouth baths.
Mouthwashes can be advised to thoroughly clean the mouth, gums, dental gaps and tongue. Attention However, because these products are very chemical and can be dangerous for long-term health: You certainly remove the bad bacteria, but also the good ones responsible for the good oral balance. What if you tried to bathe your mouth with baking soda? and oil baths (sesame or coconut)? Very popular in the United States, the “oil pulling”, practiced once or twice a day before brushing the teeth, allows to whiten the teeth, to take away the food residues, the bacteria responsible for cavities and bad breath and to heal your gums .

Watch out for the evening meal.
Bad breath can be related to digestion. The more you eat in the evening, the longer the digestion and the fermentation can cause bad odors to rise. Avoid large quantities, red meats, garlic or onion-rich dishes, tobacco and alcohol. promote fennel and spinach, foods known to purify the breath. You can also chew some parsley leaves before brushing the teeth, it is very effective to keep good oral hygiene.

Consult your doctor if the damage persists.
If you feel, in the true sense of the word, that your bad morning breath persists throughout the day, or by period, despite good daily hygiene, it would be advisable to consult your dentist or treating Doctor who will direct you to a Specialist (ENT). You may be suffering from a re-flux or acidity gastroenteritis or simply from cavities not or poorly cared for.

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