How to get rid of spiders in the house?

According to a study of the newspaper “Frontiers in Psychology”, the fear of spiders is innate. As soon as you see one, you are tempted to crush it. Nothing more natural.

But this method has its limits: it leaves traces on the walls and it is ineffective if you are dealing with a colony. In such a case, you have to act differently. Here’s how you get rid of spiders in the house without having to crush them one by one.

Vacuum and insecticide: the Strong way
This method is effective if you are facing an invasion. Get rid of both agrainées, canvas and cocoons using a vacuum cleaner, then pick up the bag and burn it.

Then treat your entire home with an insecticide containing pyrethrin. It is a molecule contained in the plants of the family of chrysanthemums. Spray the aerosol in areas where you have found spiders and you will be quiet.

Keep in mind that if they have elected home, they have found favorable conditions. The treatment of cases is essential to keep them away from home.

Limit the number of plants you have
The vegetation is ideal for spiders. They find both warmth and an ideal hiding place to bury themselves. When she needs food, she leaves the land where she lives and she starts hunting.

Inside your home, avoid too large plants, those that require a lot of soil. On the outside, consider cleaning up the plant debris that hangs close to the walls. They can be used as a point of passage for insects who are looking for an opening to enter your home.

If you’re dealing with a spider invasion and you don’t know where it came from, take a look outside. Are the thickets and hedges close to your walls? So, think about transplanting them away from your home.

Natural anti-Spider repellent processes
There are many very effective natural extracts to scare off spiders like the chestnut Oil of India for example. Put a few drops at the entrance points of your home (doors, windows) and the tour is played.

The leaves of tomatoes also have repulsive virtues. Make one or more bouquets and place them near the doors and windows. For the odor to diffuse more quickly you can put them on a radiator.

Finally, the Alum Stone powder can act as a natural insecticide. Pour 80 grams into a liter of water and spray the places where spiders are likely to enter.

Fill the air inlets of your home
The techniques mentioned above will only be effective if, upstream, you have checked the insulation of your home. Spiders do not appear in your home spontaneously. They come from the outside.

The first priority is therefore to check the insulation of windows, doors and walls. If necessary, fill the holes. Also check your air ducts and especially those that overlook the outside. If you have a chimney, place an insect-proof screen.

In the fight against spiders, the solution is to push them away from home, not to kill them. If you are invaded, start by checking the air inlets of your home. Then vacuum the spiders, the webs and the cocoons and finally pass it on to the insecticide. If this does not work, call a professional disinsecter.


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