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Do you want to make sure you can spread your seed, spread your wild seeds, release your little swimmers? Don’t worry about it. There is nothing complicated to increase your sperm levels. It’s also something you can do secretly without anyone ever being aware of. If you want to touch the finish line and make sure that your little marathoners don’t fall out of fatigue before you get there, here’s how to cover your back.

Drink liquids.

The volume of semen that is released at the time of orgasm is related to the volume of fluid you ingest. The reason is simple, the sperm is produced water-based and the sperm is the liquid that helps the sperm to move. Your body needs two to three liters of water a day to function properly. You should then be able to increase the volume of your ejaculation by drinking more liquids.

  • If you like to drink a few drinks after work and two or three before the act, you do not give service to your ejaculation. Indeed, the alcohol dehydrates the body and thus forces the water to come out of your body instead of staying there. In addition to dehydration, alcohol affects the quantity and quality of your sperm.

Get away from the heat.

Your little months are fragile, like a flower in the tundra. They are so fragile that they weaken if you expose them to excessive heat. This fact could help you answer one of the questions that burned your lips throughout your adolescence: why are the testicles outside? In fact, the testicles are located outside your body rather than inside, as they must be able to maintain themselves at a temperature that never exceeds the 37 °c, i.e. the temperature your body regulates.

  • What does that mean, in practice? If you like to stay a long time sitting in your car by lighting the heated seats or the long steaming sessions in the sauna or even the long hot baths at home, stop for a while. All these activities are not worth sacrificing your little soldiers.

Avoid wearing undergarments that are too tight.

Once again, the ideal temperature for your sperm is slightly below your normal body temperature. Your undergarments too tight will only increase the temperature of your scrotum, which will result in a decrease in sperm and sperm levels.

Avoid sitting down with your legs crossed.

The Philosopher’s posture also affects your sperm in a way you can’t imagine. Pressing your scrotum against your hot body may cause the temperature to rise above its normal temperature. You have a red alert right there.

Do not ejaculate for a day or two.

Your body produces sperm at an incredible rate of more than 1 500 per second, about. This averages 130 to 200 million sperm per day. However, every time you ejaculate, you lose a heavy part of your troops. Try to wait a bit if you want to increase the size of your small army.

  • You will really need to wait a day or two for your body to refill the ranks of your army, no more. If you wait more than one or two days, your sperm just waits as you get older, like reserve soldiers.

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