How to lose weight in less than 7 days?

It can be difficult to lose weight. For most people, it takes time. But if you want to quickly lose some weight, about 3 pounds, over a short period of time, you’re going to have to make changes in your diet, your lifestyle and you’re going to have to do physical exercises every day. Focus on your weight loss in a healthy way for a week and avoid not eating and doing too much exercise. Studies have shown that you may not gain weight if you lose it gradually and continue to follow your healthy lifestyle.

Adjusting your diet

Consume more vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein.

Prepare your meals so that they contain at least one source of protein, a source of healthy fats and a source of low carbohydrate vegetables. Your recommended carbohydrate intake per day is 20 to 50 grams. Do not feel forced to eat only a certain number of foods. You can enjoy a large amount of healthy foods that provide you with many different nutrients.

  • Among the healthy protein sources you will find egg whites, soy products and chicken. Among the fish you can eat salmon, trout, shrimp or lobster, because they are good sources of protein in a balanced diet. 0% Greek yogurt is also a great way to add protein and dairy products to your diet.
  • Among the carbohydrate-poor vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, red chard, lettuce, cucumber, and celery. By cooking the vegetables in steam or in the oven instead of frying them, you will be sure to consume all the nutrients and all the antioxidants in these carbohydrate-poor vegetables for a week.
  • Among the sources of healthy fats are avocados and nuts, but also olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. These oils are healthier alternatives to animal-based cooking oils or highly saturated fats.

Stop consuming carbohydrates, sugars and animal fats.

Foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars will induce the secretion of insulin in your body, a hormone that will drag the fat out of your body. When the level of insulin goes down, your body may start to burn fat. This also helps your kidneys to eliminate excess sodium t of water, which helps you to lower your weight created by water retention.

  • Avoid foods rich in starch and carbohydrates such as potato chips, french fries and white breads. You should also avoid consuming foods rich in sugars such as sodas, candies, cakes and other processed foods.
  • The animal fats found in red meat and meat to the taste of game like lamb can make you grow slowly and slow down your metabolism, because they are difficult to digest. Stop steaks and lamb meat for a week to follow your diet.

Consume natural sugars rather than artificial sugars.

Instead of eating a cake if you are hungry, replace it with a sugar-poor fruit like raspberries, blackberries, blueberries or strawberries.

  • Replace the sugar in your morning coffee with a natural sugar like Stevie or a spoonful of honey.
    Your diet needs to focus primarily on healthy sources of protein, fats and vegetables. However, you must include a source of healthy sugar as a fruit.

Set up a plan for seven days.

This plan should include three main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) that you must take at the same time of day, as well as two snacks (between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner) that you must also take at the same Time. This will ensure you eat at the same time for seven days and not skip meals. By consuming 1 400 calories a day combined with daily physical exercises, you should lose weight in a healthy way.

  • This plan that you put in place is essential to the success of your weight loss program. This allows you to stay conscious of the foods you will be consuming during the day and throughout the week. This will also help you not to get discouraged and lose sight of your goal.
  • Prepare a shopping list based on your meal plan and go shopping for the week before the week begins. Fill your refrigerator with all the ingredients you need to prepare your meals for the week so you can prepare them quickly and easily.

Take a small breakfast, but rich in protein.

  • Start the day off right with a breakfast full of protein to give you enough energy (and to keep your blood sugar high enough) for the rest of the day. Try to eat a breakfast of 400 calories and take it every morning at the same time. Try to create variety and find two or three options that you can alternate. Drink a glass of water or tea without sugar with the lemon while you take your breakfast.
  • Start the day with yogurt with berries and an English muffin. Put 120 grams of yogurt 0% in a bowl, then pour in 1 teaspoon salt. of poor Musli in fat and half a cup of strawberries cut into slices. Add one more layer of yogurt and muesli before finishing with a half cup of strawberries. You can consume the yogurt with an English muffin toasted whole wheat on which you spread two teaspoons salt. of peanut butter.
  • Prepare oats instant snowflake and add dried fruit and fruit hulls for a healthy and high-fiber breakfast. Mix a cup of skimmed milk with two packets of oatmeal (no sugar added). Heat in the microwave or on the stove by following the instructions on the packet. Once it is cooked, stir in two teaspoons of dried cranberries salt and a spoons salt nuts into pieces.
  • Prepare a nutritious, but healthy breakfast by toast two whole wheat waffles. Add a teaspoon pure maple syrup salt and a small banana into slices. At the same time, drink a glass of skim milk.
  • Avoid the breakfasts rich in carbohydrates that will change your blood sugar during the day and could make you hungry.

Take a balanced lunch.

Make sure to take your lunch at the same time of the day, every day, to be able to prepare your meals in advance. Prepare a lunch of 500 calories or less and alternate meal options in order to keep a certain variety of foods all week.
Try to take a high protein breakfast by eating a tortilla with beans with a gazpacho. Heat in the microwave or on the stove a 60 grams wheat tortilla and fill a half cup of boiled black beans, lettuce into pieces, cubes of tomatoes, 2 teaspoons to salt low fat cheddar and half of an avocado sliced. Use the tortilla with a cup of ready-made gazpacho or sauce. Complete by taking a piece of 30 grams of dark chocolate for dessert.

  • Add fish to your diet by eating tilapia with rice. Heat a teaspoon of salt. of olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Sprinkle salt and pepper on a net of tilapia of 100 grams. Put it in the pan for two to three minutes on each side. Once the fish is cooked, you should be able to separate the flesh easily with a fork. Prepare one-half cup of rice (either all ready be done House) and a snap Cup steamed. Complete your meal with an Apple cooked in the oven, sprinkled with a pinch of cinnamon and covered with a teaspoon honey salt and served with half a cup of the poor fat vanilla ice cream.
  • Prepare the hummus and a sandwich with vegetables rich in protein and flavor. Spread a quarter Cup of hummus bought in a store on two slices of whole grain bread. Add salad, cucumber and red pepper slices. You can take your sandwich with a cup of minestrone, 200 g of yogurt 0% and half a cup of grapes.
  • A high carbohydrate lunch gives you want to consume more carbs and causes a drop in energy during the afternoon.

Take a rich and healthy dinner every night.

End your day on a dinner that leaves you not hungry, but which will not overload your metabolism or create the fat that your body will be hard to eliminate. Try to take a dinner which does not exceed the limit of 500 calories and focus on a balance between protein, vegetables and healthy fats. You can also exchange ideas of lunch with dinner ideas from time to time to keep the variety.

  • Prepare a dinner rich in proteins with grilled pork chops and asparagus. Heat a teaspoon salt in olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Season 100 g of pork with salt and pepper chops. Put them in the Pan and let them cook for between three and five minutes on each side. Serve with half a cup of mashed potatoes, a cup of asparagus cooked steamed or baked and half a cup of sliced red peppers. Complete the meal with half a cup of fresh raspberries.
  • Prepare a dinner rich in proteins with a Red Lentil soup. Garnish each bowl of soup made House with a spoon to salt to yogurt 0% and fresh coriander. Nibble a slice of wholemeal bread or a handful of biscuits at the same time.
  • Prepare a dinner simple and rich in preparing a Frittata. The Frittata is an egg dish that mixes eggs, a vegetable such as mushrooms or spinach and a light as the feta cheese to prepare a kind of pie. The Frittata is an excellent source of protein and vegetables. You can also prepare it with the remnants of breakfast.

Drink water instead of drinking sugary drinks.

Water will help you to strengthen your immune system to stay healthy, to give your skin a nice appearance and to stay hydrated while you do the exercises.

  • Replace sugar as soda drinks by the water flavored with lemon or lime slices.
  • Green tea without sugar is also a great alternative to sugary drinks. Green tea contains a good amount of antioxidants, which means that it helps your body to fight the free radicals that are worsening signs of age.

Keep a journal.

  • Write down everything you eat and don’t forget anything. You’re less likely to eat things that you shouldn’t eat if you then bear the shame to note in your journal. You can also track your calories intake and see how you’re doing by keeping your journal correctly.
    Also note in your journal how you feel when you eat food. You feel optimistic, happy, angry, or depressed? Focusing on your emotions as well as the food, you can also better understand your emotional eating patterns, if that’s the case.

Daily physical exercise;

Commit yourself to do sport during these seven days.

Most of the physical exercise plans advise to exercise five days a week and take two days to relax. Depending on your current level, you could do light exercise every day or more intense exercises every two or three days. Rather than doing too much exercise, focus on consistency and follow an exercise program that is realistic and specific to the needs of your body.
Set up a sports program to be able to exercise at the same time of the day. This could be every morning at the gym before going to work, all the other day for lunch or every night before going to bed. Look at how your schedule for the week is organized and mark the moments where you can do sport to incorporate it into your program and do not forget it.

Commit yourself to do sport during these seven days.

Most of the physical exercise plans advise to exercise five days a week and take two days to relax. Depending on your current level, you could do light exercise every day or more intense exercises every two or three days. Rather than doing too much exercise, focus on consistency and follow an exercise program that is realistic and specific to the needs of your body.

  • Set up a sports program to be able to exercise at the same time of the day. This could be every morning at the gym before going to work, all the other day for lunch or every night before going to bed. Look at how your schedule for the week is organized and mark the moments where you can do sport to incorporate it into your program and do not forget it.

Warm up with some light cardio exercise.

Begin each session by doing light cardio exercise, because you should not stretch or stress cold muscles.

  • Run slowly for five to ten minutes. Use a jump rope and jump on for 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can run 10 minutes to activate muscles and start to sweat.

Stretch after you warm up, and at the end of your exercises.

It is important to stretch your muscles after five or ten minutes of cardio to do not hurt you during your high-intensity exercise. You should also stretch you for five to ten minutes at the end of your exercises. Stretching will help you not to upset you muscles and avoid injury.

  • Stretching from the base of the arms and legs to make the bigger muscles warm up and ready for your physical exercises. Make the slots, stretching of the quadriceps, calf muscles and stretching into a butterfly.

Make training split of high intensity (or HIIT).

The HIIT is an exercise program that alternate between intense exercise with short rest intervals. This type of exercise helps to burn fat quickly. The HIIT force the body to use available sugar and allow to burn fat faster than low intensity exercises. You will also use the fat stored in your body during the resting phase which will reduce your body fat. You can do the HIIT with a sports equipment or on an exercise mat and some dumbbells. There are several programs of HIIT, here are a few examples.

  • The exercises to get “beach body”. This twelve week program only takes 21 minutes, three days a week and is designed to strengthen and sculpt the body while losing weight. The program targets specific areas of the body, for example the arms and ABS and includes the cardio and stretching. After a week to follow this program, you will begin to see a slimmer silhouette and stronger muscles.
  • Sprint 25 minutes Fartlek exercises. “Fartlek” means “speed play” in Swedish. This type of HIIT program combines a continuous training with intervals of speed. You control the intensity and speed to each of the intervals to keep this training more spontaneous and soliciting. This program focuses on the cardio training during which you can walk, run slowly or in a sprint for a period of time.
  • The countdown to the jump rope exercises. To practice this exercise of interval, you need only a stopwatch and a jump rope. Begin by trying to jump without stopping for two minutes, then rest two minutes and jump once again for a minute and a half. Then rest for a minute and a half, skip for a minute and rest for a minute. Complete jumping for 30 seconds. Rest three minutes and repeat this workout intervals once or twice.

Participate in team sports.

Team sports are a great way to burn calories while having fun. Sports also allow you to feel more competition, which often helps you forget you’re exercising. In addition, you’ll surely sweat. Here are a few sports suitable for losing weight.

  • Football: this sport is a good cardio exercise and will help you burn fat.
  • Swimming: an hour of swimming in a pool can burn between 400 and 600 calories, strengthen your joints, muscles and improve your blood circulation.
  • Basketball: a field as the basketball game allows you to burn between 400 and 700 calories.

Take fitness classes.

Give more variety to your physical training by joining a course of fitness that combines cardio exercises and exercises with interval training.

  • A course of aerobics and dance like the Zumba can help you lose weight. An hour of Zumba can make you lose between 500 and 1,000 calories.
  • Cycling is also a great way to lose weight and strengthen your muscles. Follow a course to burn slightly more calories and lose weight at the level of the thighs, buttocks and belly.

Adjust your lifestyle

Avoid taking your meals outdoors during this week.

It is difficult to go out and have a healthy meal. The food offered by many restaurants are full of carbohydrates, fats and salt. Avoid dine outside during this week and follow your meal plan to make sure that you eat only food that will help you stay full and lose weight.

  • Prepare your own lunch before you leave for work, and avoid eating outside in the middle of the day. Prepare your meals ahead of time so do not be tempted to eat anything else.

Lose weight with a friend or partner.

You might get to stay more motivated to follow your diet plan if you follow for a week with a friend or with your partner. You can also monitor you one another while you make efforts to lose weight during that week.

Once the week is over, continue to follow these sports and food habits.

Once you know what looks like a week of healthy meals, exercise, and lifestyle changes, you might consider to keep these habits. Make an effort to try to follow this diet for a month, as well as your physical exercises and don’t lose heart.

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