How to make a sexual relationship last longer?

Reaching orgasm faster than your partner has nothing rare, do not be angry for it. Fortunately, most people who tend to enjoy fast can learn how to make a sexual relationship last longer. Physical exercise and lifestyle changes can help you better control yourself. There are also many other techniques that will allow you to delay your orgasm during a report. You could also try products and medications specifically intended for this purpose. If your partner is too fast, try to address the problem as if it were both of your concern. Avoid blaming him and make him understand that you want to work together to develop better physical and emotional intimacy.

Relax and encourage yourself.

First of all, anxiety and lack of insurance will have a very bad impact on your mind. So try to stay optimistic. Tackling sexuality with confidence, respect and a positive attitude could make all the difference for you and your partner.
Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts about your sexual performance, say you “Mike, enjoy quickly” is nothing rare and you should not blame yourself for so little. You can overcome this problem! »
Addressing yourself by your name might be more effective when you try to motivate yourself. Try this and you will see the results in few moment 😉

Work to hold out longer by masturbating.

By trying to enjoy as quickly as possible when you masturbate, you will train your body to reach the orgasm very quickly. Masturbating several times a week and a few hours before a sexual intercourse could help you to enjoy less quickly, especially if you have trained yourself to hold out longer when you masturbate.

Do pelvic floor exercises.

Getting the muscles that control ejaculation to work could help you stay longer. To identify these muscles, stop urinating in the middle and contract the muscles that prevent you from releasing a fart. To make them work, contract them for 3 seconds, release them for 3 seconds, then repeat 5 to 10 times.
As a first step, it might be easier for you to do these exercises or sit down, but then try to make them stand up as well. As you strengthen these muscles, try to do 3 sets of 10 rehearsals a day.
Try to contract only the muscles that allow you to refrain from urinating or letting go of a fart. Do not contract your buttocks and thighs.
As you do these exercises, breathe normally and avoid holding your breath.

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