How To Make Money on TikTok : 4 ways you can make money on Tik Tok

Tik Tok isn’t about the money but about sharing videos and having a good, social time. However, like most pastimes it has been monetized so if that’s your thing, you can make a little money while you’re putting yourself out there and interacting. It is unlikely that you will get rich but you could potentially make enough to make it worth your while.

This tutorial is going to outline the principles of making money on Tik Tok. There is no magic formula or get rich quick scheme here. It’s about effort, polish and having that special something that people want to see.


Tik Tok has created several ways you can make money. Like other social networks, it’s about becoming popular and being regarded as an influencer. Once you count your followers in the thousands, you can begin to look at monetizing Tik Tok. Until then, you’re shooting in the dark.

You will need to be over 16 to be engaged by third parties with consent from parents. If you’re over 18, you can deal directly with brands and third parties.

There are four main ways you can make money on Tik Tok.


If you’re already an influencer on YouTube, Twitter or somewhere else, you can use Tik Tok to cross promote your existing ventures. By becoming popular on Tik Tok, you can mention your other ventures and get people liking or following you on your primary money-making platform.

This is a core marketing strategy that insulates you in case Tik Tok gets bought, changes too much or fails altogether. It is also important for engaging the widest possible audience through a network or medium they are most comfortable using.


The is the primary way influencers make money. They become popular and then engage with brands to tell their audience how cool the brand is. Some view this as cheap and tacky but it is a very viable way to make money. Brand deals can be worth thousands of dollars but you have to have a huge following to earn that much.

There is a lot of noise around disclosure at the moment so you need to bear that in mind. A few influencers have lost credibility because they were being paid to promote brands on their networks without telling the audience. That’s not a good move if you want a future on social media.


You can sell your own stuff on Tik Tok. If you have a ton of merch around your brand or are a creative with an Etsy store, or something else entirely, you can promote your goods on Tik Tok through videos.

Don’t make it all about the product though. Make the videos entertaining and sprinkle a healthy dose of merch in the videos and then a link to buy and you could make money.


The final way to make money on Tik Tok is to use This is the live streaming part of the app where people can make money directly through tips. If you have used Twitch or other streaming apps like it, the principle is the same. You stream content on the app, make it good enough for people to love and they can tip you to show their appreciation.

You buy emoji for real money and can tip them to streamers you like. The streamer gets a percentage of that tip (80%) split with Tik Tok. A streamer can earn some decent change doing this which can then lead to brands becoming interested and the income can grow from there.

It’s a system that works very well elsewhere and has even allowed people to do it full time. You won’t earn millions but you could earn a decent living doing it if you’re good enough.


As I said at the top, this isn’t a page telling you what to do to make money on Tik Tok. It’s an explainer on how you can make money. Typically, someone without an existing following would gather followers by being interesting, expand that following within, introduce tips to make some change and build from there. Become popular enough and the brands will become interested.

The path to success on social media is nowhere near as easy as people make it out to be. But, like anything, work hard, git gud and you could make some money!

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