How to makeup sensitive eyes?

Can you take the risk of putting on makeup when you have sensitive eyes? Yes, if you use the right products. Follow the guide.

Redness, crying, itching… When you have sensitive eyes, watch out for cosmetics and makeup that you use is usually an automatism. Fortunately, sensitive eye makeup is increasingly being developed by brands, making it easier to find suitable products. Carine Larchet, head shop makeup corrector Aqualibre La Roche-Posay Spa, gives us its keys make-up for sensitive eyes.

Is it reasonable to make up sensitive eyes?

Carine Larchet: Of course! Today having sensitive eyes or fragile eyelids is no longer incompatible with care and makeup. It is sufficient to use suitable products, designed specifically to respond to problems of ophthalmic or dermatological sensitivity, such as Dermo-cosmetics sold in pharmacy and Para-pharmacy. The laboratory La Roche-Posay, for example, declines a range of Dermo-cosmetics dedicated to the care and makeup of sensitive eyes and fragile eyelids: Toleriane Contour of eyes for care and respectissim for makeup of sensitive eyes.

What precautions should be taken to make up sensitive eyes?

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the selected products meet a specific formulation charter for sensitive eyes. It is checked in particular with the mentions “tested under ophthalmic and/or dermatological control “, “tested on sensitive eyes “, “without fragrance, no paraben and no alcohol”, if possible “without preservatives”. and also “suitable for lens holders “. They are normally listed on the packaging of the products.

Are there any “good” gestures to protect them?

Before putting on makeup, it is necessary to moisturize the contour of the eye with a dedicated care. If possible, the use of products using essential oils, photo-protectors, alcohol-based fragrances near the ocular Mucosa is avoided. Indeed, this can be very irritating to the eye… If the eyelids are irritated or weakened, a soothing eye contour treatment can be used.

When applying your skin care or makeup, you should avoid Rubing the eyelids and proceed with gentle tapping. Likewise, it is better to avoid too much “working” the eyelids: a repetitive gesture too pressed on them with a brush can indeed irritate. Minimalist gestures are preferred near the eyelashes, at the outer corner with a slightly melted pencil. To improve the outfit, one can then fix it with an eye shadow and thus bring out the color of the iris.

Above all, one does not try to put mascara too close to the root of the eyelashes but rather on the spikes so as not to have to insist too much during the makeup. If the eye tends to cry in a reactive way during makeup, think about having cotton swabs handy to “Recover ” The tear in the inner corner of the eye and not outside, otherwise the contour of the eye will become moist and it will be more Difficult to make up (and the dress will be less).

How to remove makeup from sensitive eyes?

We use a suitable makeup remover, like a mi-cellar water for sensitive skins, in order to remove the makeup smoothly without friction. If the eye is very irritated, we prefer a mild makeup remover, which can be found in sterile mono-doses. If possible, we prefer cotton 100% cotton sold in pharmacy and avoid make up remover wipes.

What are the essential products to have in the kit?

In his sensitive eye makeup kit, a specific moisturizing and soothing eye contour is slipped for sensitive skin and eyes, a pencil or eyeliner (or both), an eye shadow and mascara dedicated to sensitive eyes. A high-tolerance eye-shadow base can also be applied beforehand to attenuate redness on the irritated eyelid before affixing the eye-shadow.



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