How to manage and limit your cat’s unusual meowing. just apply this simple tricks if you cat seems unhappy

Some cats are very talkative, others completely dumb… and sometimes our cats meow and this is not usual. They usually want to make us understand something or that there is a health problem.

How to react?

First of all, do not get angry and become violent, it would only aggravate the situation!

First try to understand the origin of the undesired meow: Is he hungry, is his litter dirty, does he want to get out or go to a closed room, is there any particular reason for his behavior? If so, solve this situation and this should make her want to meow: clean his litter box, give him food if it’s time (it’s a bit risky to give up if it’s too unusual an hour: he might get into the habit of begging Any time!), open the door if possible, etc.

If you don’t understand what’s happening to him, try to keep him busy, maybe he just wants you to give him some attention! Play with him for a few minutes, with an improvised toy or those found in the trade, and/or caress him. If there is no particular problem, it should also solve the meowing.

If this happens more and more often, the cat may be stressed. Try to install a Feliway diffuser at home and see the result after a few days.

If these unusual meows persist, please do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian. A few years ago I thought Maxou was getting a little cantankerous with age, but when I talked to his vet and we did some extensive tests, it turned out that the poor cat had a thyroid problem. So he had no control over his behavior change and his very numerous meows! With this experience, I think you have to be vigilant and especially do not hesitate to consult if the tricks do not give a result…

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