How to naturally fight against seasonal hair loss?

As the adage says, “Prevention is better than cure”. This is especially true for seasonal hair loss, as falling hair has already been dead for several weeks. Similarly, the hair is only a dead keratin stem, only the bulb is alive.

The purpose of the care is to encourage growth, which is only seen after a few weeks. The ideal is therefore to avoid the fall, because once it is switched on, it takes several weeks for the treatments to have effect on the hair.

In particular, it is advisable to:

Fight against aggression.
Protect your hair from the sun in the summer and from the cold in winter, wearing hats and even beanies in winter. Do not wash your hair with too hot water as it will tend to attack the scalp.

Have a healthy and varied diet.
Rich in protein and vitamin B: hair needs essential nutrients to ensure their health and growth.

  • Consume proteins (fish, meat, egg yolks, oilseeds, lentils…), sources of sulfur amino acids (methionine and cystine) which are the compounds for the synthesis of keratin.
  • Consume group B vitamins (wheat germs, liver, fatty fish, white meat including poultry, egg yolks, cereals, mushrooms, lentils, soy or soybeans…), which contribute to the transformation of methionine to cysteine, beneficial to the Shoot the hair.
  • Consume iron (pudding, egg yolks, shellfish, parsley, soy , cocoa…), which allows the synthesis of hemoglobin and plays an important role in the oxygenation of the hair bulb. The absorption of iron is facilitated by vitamin C: An orange juice taken during a meal, multiplies by three the absorption of iron contained in the foods taken during the same meal, and on the other hand the tea limits the absorption.
  • You can also make a cure for hair supplements or simply a beer yeast, approaching spring and fall.
  • Finally, do not hesitate to massage the scalp gently a few minutes a day: This promotes the vascularization of the bulbs.

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