How to prevent cancer of the mouth ?

Screening for cancer of the mouth:
Cancers of the mouth are cancers that develop in the floor of the mouth, the tongue, the tonsils, the palate, the cheeks, the gums and the lips. Today, 70% of the mouth cancers are diagnosed too late, which reduces the chances of healing. The sooner the cancer of the mouth is detected, the more effective the treatments are.

It is important to have your mouth regularly monitored, as lesions caused by mouth cancer are not easy to spot by oneself and are not necessarily painful. Dental surgeons and treating physicians can play a decisive role in this detection and refer to a specialist, if necessary.

Increased vigilance is recommended for smokers and regular consumers of alcohol. In fact, the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other substances (betel…) promotes the appearance of cancers of the mouth.

There are no specific symptoms of mouth cancers. In general, any unusual signs that persist for more than 10 days should lead you to consult a treating physician or dental surgeon to determine the cause and nature of this anomaly.

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