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To prevent chronic obstructive obstructive (COPD), it is important not to smoke or stop smoking. Passive smoking is also a contributing factor. Occupational exposures to harmful agents should be avoided.
Do not expose yourself to tobacco
The only way to prevent the onset or worsening of COPD is to not smoke or stop the consumption of tobacco. We also need to be careful to avoid smoky atmospheres.

By quitting smoking, you are acting to improve your breathing and, at the same time, to limit the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Your treating doctor can help you and advise you on quitting.

The beneficial effects of quitting

The first effects of quitting are evident from the first days:

20 minutes after quitting, your blood pressure and heartbeats become normal;
24 hours after you have smoked your last cigarette, carbon monoxide is completely eliminated from your body, your lungs begin to expel mucus and residues of smoke, the body no longer contains nicotine (a deficiency syndrome may appear);
After 48 hours, your taste and your sense of smell improve;
After 72 hours, your breathing is easier, your energy increases.
Then, after three to nine months:

Breathing problems and coughing are soothing, your voice becomes clearer and you are less and less breathless;
Gradually, your complexion lightens, your wrinkles are less marked, your teeth are whiter, your breath becomes more enjoyable;
You become calmer and no longer feel the physical effects of nicotine: Accelerated heartbeats… Your physical stress is diminishing. This means that you have successfully weaned your nicotine.
Remove professional exposure
In cases where a professional exposure is responsible for COPD, avoid contact with the harmful agent. If you have any questions, contact your work doctor.

Diagnosing COPD Early
In people over 40 years of age, exposed to tobacco, with symptoms of cough, sputum or shortness of breath, a spirometry of breath can be used to diagnose COPD early.

If you are in this case, talk to your attending physician.

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