How to prevent syphilis?

Syphilis is a highly contagious sexually transmitted bacterial infection. The treatment is based on the taking of an antibiotic. Screening is highly recommended in people with unprotected sex.

The prevention of syphilis and sexually transmitted infections is paramount. It mainly passes through the adoption of condoms to avoid sexual transmission.

Prevent SYPHILIS by protecting itself.
To protect oneself and its sexual partner (s) effectively from syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), it is essential:

  • To use a condom during each sexual intercourse, regardless of the type (vaginal, oral-genital). And this, with each partner as long as you are not sure that he is not carrying an STI;
  • To have you track STIs on a regular basis. Especially if you have several partners, but also whenever you want to no longer use a condom with a new regular partner;
  • To take the treatment prescribed by your doctor if you are treated for syphilis. In this case, it is essential to inform your partner (s) so that he or she (s) can also be screened and treated, if necessary.

Learn about sexually transmitted INFECTIONS
Information on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and on sexuality in general, is available in different structures, close to home. Particular:

  • The regional AIDS Information and Prevention Centres (CRIPS);
  • Youth Information Offices (BIJ);
  • Youth Health Area
  • Information, consultation and family counselling Institutions (EICCF).

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