How to prevent the occurrence of cold sores?

If you have a “fever button”, take the necessary steps to avoid extending the lesions and transmitting the virus to other people. By identifying the factors triggering the cold sores and acting on them, you prevent recurrences.

Prevent the TRANSMISSION of the cold sores VIRUS during a flare-up.
The herpes virus is fragile and persists only a short time in the outside environment. The virus is transmitted through direct contact with lesions and saliva.

Avoid close relationships with other people if you have a “fever button”. Like what:

+Avoid kissing your loved ones, especially toddlers;
+Avoid getting in contact with immuno-compromised people;
+Wash your hands after touching the lesion;
+Always use your own towels;
+Do not exchange your moisturizing balms or lipsticks;
+Avoid medical (dental) or cosmetic (dermatological care) procedures at the face level until the lesions are disappearing;
+Avoid practicing contact sports (karate, football, rugby…);
+Avoid oral sexual intercourse. These relationships that contact the mouth with sex may cause a transmission of the virus present on the lips to the genitals of the partner. Similarly, a finger touching a cold sore can transport the virus to other parts of the body.

How do you avoid the appearance of other lesions during a cold sores outbreak?

To avoid extending the lesions of cold sores:

-Do not touch or scratch the lesions to avoid bacterial over-infection;
-Do not rub your eyes or eyelids after touching the lesions of cold sores: there is a significant risk of eye auto-contamination that may be responsible for keratitis Herpetic;
-Wash your hands well before putting your lenses if you have a cold sore. Do not moisten your lenses with your saliva so as not to propagate the lesions even if you are being treated.

How to Prevent recurrence of cold sores ?

Try to identify the factors or circumstances that trigger recurrences and avoid them as much as possible.

If your cold sores are caused by exposure to the sun, use a high-protection sunscreen for example.

If they are triggered by exposure to cold, learn to protect yourself.


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