How To Protect your Pinterest account From suspending

“It’s important to protect your information from unknown logins and suspicious activity. We do our best to keep your account safe, and you can secure it even more with these tips.” Pinterest Help center.

Use a strong password

  • Use numbers and symbols to make your password stronger
  • Use a unique password for your Pinterest account
  • Keep your password a secret – we’ll never ask for your password by email, instant message, or phone

Watch where you log in

  • Only enter your password on or on the official Pinterest, Inc. app (remember – our app is free!)
  • Check the address bar in your browser for is great, but is not
  • If you’re ever not sure of whether or not to log in, go to just to be safe
  • Always be cautious online – never fulfill suspicious requests for personal information, including any deal that seems too good to be true

Protect your devices

  • Make sure your computer and browser are up-to-date with the most recent updates and anti-virus software. Check to see if your browser is up to date.
  • Only install browser add-ins and plug-ins from publishers you trust
  • Don’t open attachments or install software from an email that claims to be Pinterest

Enable two-factor authentication

Use your phone and your password for extra security. Turn on two-factor authentication.

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