How to relieve a back pain? Here are essential tips to relieve a back pain

Do you know that about a third of the population suffers from back pain? If it can be difficult to get rid of, there are nevertheless natural remedies to relieve pain.
First you can have your back massage with Arnica oil.

Then know that the heat can help you relax. As soon as your back begins to make you suffer, put a hot water bottle on it.

Then the acupressure can be effective. For this use a rug or a acupressure cushion. The pimples will stimulate the acupuncture points causing the secretion of endorphins and Oxycontin that will relax you while stimulating the blood circulation.

Also to relax the muscles of the back, especially the muscles para vertebral, plunge your back and your legs in a bath of Epsom salt. Thanks to magnesium you should quickly feel less pain and tension in your muscles.

Finally nothing like walking to prevent and even get rid of a back pain. You have to practice it as often as possible, ideally on a daily basis.

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