How to treat dartres naturally? 5 dreadful remedies.

Temperatures drop and skin hydration also. That’s when the dartres appear! These small pink or whitish scaly patches are not the preserve of babies whose sebaceous glands do not function. So, at the dawn of winter, they sift through the skin of our cheeks, arms, shoulders or thighs. If the matte skins are more marked, because they whiten in the sun, all phototypes, ages and genres dread them … especially when they are accompanied by unpleasant itching! So when dehydrated skin tends to make dartres, it’s always good to know how to act in prevention! And when the dartres are there, these natural remedies of grandmother with the soothing and healing effect are to know to cure them naturally.

1) Good prevention measures against these dry patches
2) Eat well to calm and soothe the skin
3) Natural remedies to be applied to relieve dartres
4) Herbal remedies for dartres
5) Homemade serums as an intensive care

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