I need iron, what should I eat?

To avoid deficiencies, a good diet is enough for most of the Time. Here is the review of food rich in iron, by large families

“eat your spinach, They are rich in iron”… How many children have heard this chorus. Because popular wisdom knows it well, iron is indispensable to the Body.

Foods MG iron/100 g
Black Pudding 23
Clams 15
Braised Lamb Kidney 12
Chicken Faith 10.6
Periwinkle 10
Duck Confit 9.4
Chicken Liver Pâté 9
Fish Mousse 9
Dry Lentils 8
Oysters 5 to 9
Beef Kidney 7.6
Lamb Liver 7.5
Pigeon 6
Deer 6
Braised Beef 6
Rascasse 5.5
Mussels 5.5
Anchovies 5.1
Marinated Herring 3.5
Sardines with oil 3.3

What is iron?
The iron is present in small quantity in the Body. It is a mineral trace element found in hemoglobin (the red blood cell protein that carries oxygen from the lungs to each cell) and in the myoglobin (the protein responsible for oxygenation of the muscles). Many enzymatic reactions depend on it.

Two types of iron
There are two types of iron: heme iron contained in poultry, meat, fish, crustaceans, and Non-heme Iron.

The Iron heme
The heme iron is of animal origin. It is that contained in foods such as meat and/or fish as well as in dairy Products. It is absorbed more easily by the organism: from 10 to 30% and on average to 25%.

The Non-heme Iron
Non-heme iron is of plant origin. It is that contained for example in fresh or dried fruits and vegetables, and cereals. Non-heme iron is less well absorbed by the body: only between 1 and 5%.

What are the Iron requirements?
Iron needs are more important in women than in men because of menstrual losses.

Friends and enemies of iron
Iron absorption increases, or decreases, depending on what one can eat during the same meal. When you know that the natural absorption coefficient is already very low, you might as well try to be careful!

Vitamin C improves absorption;
calcium, tea tannins and coffee reduce absorption.
A grapefruit seed extract, for example, rich in vitamin C can help you improve your iron level.

What is the effect of iron deficiency?
When the rate of iron in the blood decreases, This causes an alteration of the transport of the Blood Oxygen.

The causes of iron deficiency
It occurs in three cases:

-Very inadequate dietary supply of iron;
-of high Iron losses;
-of an iron absorption problem by the INTESTINE.

Signs of Iron Deficiency:
fatigue, softness;
Loss of effectiveness
Hair loss And sometimes
Breathing Difficulties.
In extreme cases, iron deficiency may cause anemia. however, The lack of iron can be treated relatively efficiently and quickly, before falling into iron deficiency anemia, by supplementation that can go through a diet targeted on Iron-rich foods, especially Heme. The Ideal: a cure for… Black puddings, or mussels!

A cure of concentrate with organic propolis will bring you among other minerals and natural assets. You can also choose food supplements.

extra bonus:

teenagers, high-level athletes, pregnant women, the elderly, as well as people suffering from chronic bowel diseases or other chronic conditions, have a greater need for Iron.

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