Idea Received: raw meat makes dogs and cats sick!

According to Dr. Jutta Ziegler, author of Toxic croquettes, The arguments of industrial food enthusiasts against the natural feeding of animals do not hold. Here he explains why raw meat does not bring worms or dangerous bacteria to our Pets.

Raw meat can give worms;

False! These are mainly mice that give worms to cats; As for the dogs, they catch them most often in contact with their congeners. The meat usually sold, whether at the supermarket or the organic farmer, is subject to meticulous inspection and is therefore a severely controlled food. An infestation by larvae of tapeworm or other worm cannot escape. On the other hand, the intestine of an animal fed with raw meat is much more resistant in case of infestation by worms, because its intestinal flora is much more aggressive and allows less fixation and multiplication of worms. This is not the case in animals receiving exclusively ready-to-eat Food.

Raw meat contains bacteria, including Salmonella;

true, but it has no impact on the health of our Pets. Because their intestines are very short and as a result food travels quickly, cats and dogs are insensitive to salmonella and other BACTERIA. Once again, a domestic animal fed with raw meat has an aggressive natural gut flora that leaves no chance for bacteria. On the other hand, prey caught in the wild are not bacteria-free, quite the Opposite. Compared to mice and other prey, our supermarket meat is so to speak Sterile. The low theoretical risk of salmonella infection exists naturally. In thirty years of exercise, however, I have never met a cat in which I have even suspected a salmonella infection. I have been feeding my cats for years with meat of poultry, beef and raw pork; None of them have ever developed a disease related to Salmonella.
Those who still hesitate can naturally pass the meat in the freezer beforehand. Salmonella will be eliminated in a reliable manner. similarly, the risk of infection with the dangerous Aujeszky virus affecting pork is extremely low since it has not been present in our home for thirty Years. I do not know of any cases of cat having caught Aujeszky disease after eating Pork.

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