Instead of throwing the melon seeds, make it a delicious aperitif!

Melon is an essential fruit in the summer. With its sweet aromas, it makes the happiness of small and large and brings a good dose of hydration thanks to its richness in water. Last year we gave you the secrets to choose it well. This year, discover that it is possible to avoid spoiling the seeds… by cooking them! With the easy, fast and delicious preparation that we introduce you, you will be able to feast on the full of good nutrients (vitamin B, antioxidants, proteins, mineral salts…) and limiting your waste. What a pity to have put in the trash can this excellent aperitif unsuspected until today!

What you need:

+ Melon
+ Sel (You can choose one flavored to bring a little more)
+ Optional: Spices such as Espelette chili or paprika

* Good to know: You can also use this recipe when it is the season of squash to not waste the seeds 😉

The steps:

1) When preparing the melon, reserve the seeds in a bowl.

2) You can then clean them carefully to remove the pulp that is attached to it.

3) Using a cloth, wipe off your seeds to remove any traces of moisture.

4) You can now switch to cooking! Fry your seeds over a low heat for four to five minutes. You have to stir them and make sure they don’t burn.

5) Once they are nicely toasted, put them in a bowl and sprinkle with salt. You can also add spices and mix with other seeds (sunflower, sesame…) To make a nice mix.

There you go! Your original and delicious appetizers seeds are ready to be devoured. You can eat them whole or remove the shell if you prefer.

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