Intimate Hygiene: 7 Mistakes that we all make, and that destroy our health

Bad habits are stubborn but can sometimes be the result of a lack of information. This is often the case when talking about intimate hygiene. Shower flower, repeating washes, unsuitable soaps… Discover the mistakes to stop committing!

Clean your intimate parts several times a day
In order not to alter the Hydrolipidic film that protects the skin, it is not necessary to wash its intimate parts more than one to two times a day. Too repetitive toilets are aggressive for mucous membranes: they can create fragility and thus increase the risk of irritation and infection.

Wear clothes that are too tight.
The friction of the tight garments can cause burning sensations, but also a local maceration, which can lead to a proliferation of germs. So it’s best to opt for fluid clothing.

Good to know: synthetic materials are not recommended because they are not absorbent and encourage maceration. So we’d prefer cotton underwear.

Use any soap
Some people have no particular sensitivity and clean their intimate parts with classic soap without feeling irritated. It is nevertheless advisable to opt for hygiene products specially dedicated to the intimate toilet with a ph between 4 and 8, close to the ph of the vagina. In case of fungus, a neutral or slightly alkaline PH is recommended to avoid the development of fungal spores that like the acidic medium.

Keep your hygiene protections too long
For a good personal hygiene, it is necessary to change regularly its periodic protections. Sanitary napkins can be kept for up to eight hours, as for pads and menstrual cuts, they must be changed every four hours. Keeping intra-vaginally protection too long can lead to toxic shock.

Women with a low menstrual flow should be particularly vigilant: in their case, hygienic protections absorb too much secretion and this can disturb the vaginal flora.

Wash the inside of the vagina.
The vaginal showers are to be avoided totally. And for cause: The vagina is self-cleaning because it contains a microbial flora in equilibrium, which destroys the bad germs. The right gesture? Wash only the outer part of the genitals, i.e. large and small lips, without going beyond the vulva.

Keep a wet swimsuit
Local humidity promotes bacterial growth. After a sports session or a day at the beach, you have to get rid of your wet clothes as soon as possible. Ditto when coming out of the shower: you wipe well and you change your bath towel regularly.

Use a toilet mitt or a shower flower
The toilet mitt and the shower flower are microbe nests. It is advisable to make a toilet by applying an intimate hygiene product with the hand, which we will obviously have washed beforehand. Gentle Cleaning Guaranteed!

Tip: To have a healthy vaginal flora, you have to learn to adopt the right behaviors. Follow our advice to have good personal hygiene in order to avoid inconveniences and infections on this sensitive area.


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