Is your hair healthy? Here are some ways to assess the condition of your hair.

Take a 10-hair lock between your fingers. Pull. If they resist, that’s a good sign. If more than 5 let go, there is a problem.

Then move your hands through your hair several times, back and forth. So you remove the dead hair. They must not be more than four or five.

Pinch your scalp between your fingers in two different places (above the ears and above the skull): it must be relatively mobile and supple and above all not blocked and painful.

Remove a dozen hairs from the tweezers by diversifying the area of the swabs (top of the skull, front of the head, sides, behind the ears).

If the bulb (swollen end) is coated with a white substance at its end it is the sign that your hair is living with its papilla. In this case, your hair is in good health, growing.

If the bulb is full and no substance comes out, it is that the fall of the hair is near, the hair being keratinized, thus dead.

Some signs suggest a hair loss when they persist for more than 3 months: the hair is dull, bland, soft, greasy. The scalp is sore, it itches. The dandruff appears. It is time to act.

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