Just Apply these 4 Tips to maintain your hair healthy in summer.

The Sun, the sea, the chlorine and the sand are all elements that attack your hair during the holidays. It is therefore essential to protect your hair so as not to be forced to go through the hairdresser’s box as soon as the holidays return. Here’s the capillary protocol to follow.

1. I protect
Before any sun exposure, whether in town or at the beach, you must protect your hair from UV rays. To do this, bet on a protective solar hair oil that offers an anti-UVA/UVB filter. Avoid this step is important, especially if you have a color that will weaken without protection.

2. I adopt good reflexes
You’re on vacation, your hair too! Lift your foot on brushing, smoothing and other adventurist styling products. Take advantage of the form they will naturally take over the days to adopt any kind of wavy hairstyle.

3. I care and repair
Because after a swim, there is always salt or chlorine in your hair, you have to wash them with a mild shampoo that will remove all the residue. Then we apply a conditioner, but especially a mask that will repair in depth the hair fiber. Opt for those that are adapted to the “after-sfun” for even more visible results. Finally, never untangle your hair when it is dry because you may break it. Make it during the time of laying of the conditioner with a  comb.

4. I adopt a capillary beauty ritual at the beginning of
Even if you have taken care of your hair all summer, a specific care in the salon at the beginning will not be too much. Back in pollution and stress, a nourishing and revitalizing care will do them the most good. Not to mention a small cut and a color refresh to give them pep.

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