Just Apply These 6 Natural remedies And Forget about bad cholesterol.

To combat bad cholesterol and the risks it encounters to your organism, there are simple and natural grandmother remedies.
Eat apples;
It is known that pectin contained in apples is particularly interesting for acting on cholesterol levels. You have to eat 2 apples a day to achieve satisfactory results, thinking well to ingest the skin.

Drink green tea;
Green tea also helps to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.

Adopt cider vinegar;
Against cholesterol, it is advisable to drink a teaspoon of cider vinegar as well as a teaspoon of honey, mixed in a glass of lukewarm water, before meals.

Eat better;
Think of eating animal fats like cheese or butter only in the morning. Then in the day it is better to consume vegetable fats, with the exception of palm, coconut and copra oils. Finally, in the evening, you prefer rapeseed and olive oil. Also always prefer fish to meat and banish sunflower and peanut oils. If you tend to have bad cholesterol try to respect the famous rule of 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Limit your daily milk contributions to a semi-skimmed yogurt.

Focus on the Mediterranean diet;
As for adopting a diet, it is advisable to adopt a Mediterranean diet and portfolio.

Move more;
Finally adopt an active lifestyle that will allow you to lose weight and to play sports. Of course without smoking!

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