Just consume These foods regularly And Throw out your glasses away forever

Some foods are good for the view: This is the case of carrot, blueberry, fatty fish and spinach. We’ll tell you a little more!

The carrot
According to old beliefs, the carrot would make you lovable. But this is not the only benefit of this vegetable on our body. Indeed, it is rich in beta-carotene which transforms, once ingested, into vitamin A. Experts recognize this vitamin as a major player in the vision. So you have no reason to refuse carrot dishes during your meals!

We know less, but blueberries have a real impact on our eyesight. It is known to improve night vision. The Anthocyanidins and the C vitamins of the Blueberry make a very good mixture. It allows to regenerate the purple retinal. This part of the eye is especially used to see in the dark.

Fatty Fish
We are often advised to eat fish several times a week, but why and what fish to choose? First of all, if we are suggested to eat fish regularly, it is because it is rich in selenium (a trace element). It is particularly known to prevent AMD (age-related macular degeneration). The fatty acids of the name Omega-3 present in the fish allow the development of the vision. You can eat fatty fish, like herring, salmon, mackerel or sardines!

Especially sulked, but so good for eyesight, spinach is rich in lutein. It is a pigment that helps prevent cataracts. It protects the retina from oxidation and damage caused by light.

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