Just Make one of these 5 recipes and Say Good Bye to Dandruff forever!

The dandruff, the plague that’s in your hair. How to eradicate them with natural, fearsome and homemade products? Here are 10 homemade recipes to fight dandruff.
No more hair problems, you dream hair thanks to our natural dandruff care recipes!

Fight against dandruff.
Stress, heat, temperature rise, blow-drying,… our scalp is put to a strain. Causes that can cause itching with small white dusts that are pretty unsightly. Fortunately, there are now many products to fight dandruff. We are also looking for natural remedies to get rid of dandruff.

Natural anti-dandruff recipes.
Here are 5 recipes dandruff extracted from my natural beauty book, by Anne Ghesquiere and Marie de Foucault, ed. Eyrolles, from the site Grands-meres.net and inspired by the secrets of my grandmothers.

1. A honey massage to fight dandruff.
In a cup of hot water, simply dilute one teaspoon of honey. This mixture will help you massage the scalp with each shampoo.

2. A pre-shampoo mask with cider vinegar.
You only need one ingredient for this anti-dandruff recipe: cider vinegar. Approximately 1h before your shampoo, massage your scalp with pure cider vinegar. You have to leave it at least 30 minutes before you wash your hair.

3. A care with lemon essential oil.
Add 7 drops of lemon essential oil to a plain yogurt. Apply the concocted care before your shampoo, massage about ten minutes. Rinse by making sure you don’t get in the eye and finish with your classic shampoo.

4. Essential anti fungal oil against dandruff.
Here’s a simple tip, you just have to choose the essential anti fungal oil that suits you best: debarred Eucalyptus, Palmarosa, Sage Clary, Lemon, Lavandin super, rosemary, thyme, lavender asp or tea tree. An anti fungal oil is used because dandruff is very often caused by the abnormal activation of a fungus, causing cutaneous candidiasis, so it is with an anti fungal that one fights against this disturbance. Add two drops of this essential oil to your usual shampoo and the trick is played.

5. A salt scrub to remove dandruff.
Two actions in one! By rubbing your scalp with a mixture of a handful of fine salt and half a glass of water, you will activate the bloodstream while eliminating your dandruff.

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