Just Make this Coffee Hair Treatment and say goodbye to all hair problems

Coffee can do more than just perk you up in the morning–research shows that coffee can stimulate hair growth while increasing shine and adding depth to dark hair. But you won’t see these effects just sipping on a cup of joe–you’ll need to apply the coffee directly to your hair.

Brew a strong pot of coffee. A regular cup of coffee uses 2 tablespoons (7-9 g, or 2 scoops of a coffee measurer) of grounds per cup, which uses about 6 oz (178 ml) of water.[1] To make the coffee stronger, add another 1-2 tablespoons of grounds. For a pot equivalent to 8 cups of coffee, use 48 oz (1.5 L) of water and 18-20 tablespoons (80g) of grounds.

  • Note that the stronger the coffee, the darker the brew. Soaking your hair with coffee will darken your color, which can be great for brunettes or people with gray hair, as it can add depth and darken your hair color.[2]
  • If you are blonde or have light red hair, or have dyed your hair a light color, you may may want to try a different method of treating your hair. Otherwise, you may end up with dingy or dirty looking hair.[3]
  • If you don’t have coffee, you can use a ground espresso instead.

Shampoo your hair as normal, rinsing well. Make sure you have completely rinsed out the shampoo. Use your hands to gently squeeze out any excess water from your hair–it doesn’t need to dry completely, but it shouldn’t be dripping wet.

Standing in the bathtub, pour cold coffee through your hair, starting at the roots. For a thorough treatment, use a bucket or large bowl to catch the coffee drippings as you pour it through your hair. Then pour the drippings back through your hair a second time.[6]

  • If you want more control over the application, transfer the cooled coffee into a spray bottle and spray it into your hair.[7]
  • If you are worried about the coffee staining your bathtub or shower floor, pour the coffee through your hair while leaning over a bucket, so it catches the drippings.
  • Rinse any coffee out of your bathtub immediately to prevent staining.

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