Just make this Jojoba Dry Hair Shampoo recipes and Your hair will never become dry again!!

No holidays and yet your hair is already burned! External aggression or hair fragility, dry hair is a real sore. How to wash them, how to rinse them, how to treat them or how to comb them, Myhealthypoke presents a simple and effective recipe for taking care of dry hair!

Dry Hair Shampoo
Found on the blogzine beauty babbling, this recipe uses jojoba oil, an oil recognized for its moisturizing and restorative properties. Perfect for dry hair, this homemade shampoo will only take you a few minutes to realize.

All What you need is:

30 CL Distilled water
30 cl of soap from Castile (known for its moisturizing properties)
30 CL of Aloe Vera
30 CL of Jojoba oil
One teaspoon of glycerine

For the realization follow these two steps:

Mix all the ingredients.
Apply to hair like a traditional shampoo.

Think of keeping this shampoo in a glass bottle.

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