Just Take These 5 Natural products And Forget About fatigue Forever!!

Whether physical or nervous, fatigue often results from poor lifestyles or health problems such as lack of sleep, malnutrition, obesity, allergies, cancer, over-training, or all infections in general. The source of the problem often needs to be addressed, but natural health products can be used as a supplement. A Portrait of five of these proven products.

Valerian to sleep better
Valerian and sleep have been intimately linked for millennia. From the time of ancient Greece, the doctors Hippocrates and Galen recommended its use against insomnia. In the Middle Ages, herbalists saw in her a perfect tranquilizer. During the First World War, it was even common to find them in the pockets of the soldiers who used it to calm the nervousness caused by the bombardments. Nevertheless, and surprising as it may seem, clinical research has still not been able to demonstrate its efficacy against lack of sleep. Some studies note a sensation of improvement of sleep as well as a reduction of fatigue, but these perceptions are not validated by any objective criterion (time of sleep, duration of sleeping, number of awakenings during the night…).

The E Commission, ESCOP and who nevertheless recognize its use to treat sleep disturbances and, consequently, the resultant fatigue. Valerian can be taken internally 30 minutes before bedtime: 2 to 3 g of dried root is infused for 5 to 10 minutes in 15 cl of boiling water.

Ginseng to tone the body
According to the Chinese legend, only the WA-pang-AM, specially trained hunters and gatherers, could pick this plant called “divine herb”. And for Cause: we lent to their roots the ability to be able to change places! Still today, ginseng is considered, by almost a quarter of the world’s population, as a magical plant with countless virtues. Among the latter, we note the ability to tone the body of people who are tired or weakened. This faculty would result from the action of certain molecules contained in ginseng and called ginsenosides, according to the theory of the Russian researcher Lazarev. This is why ginseng would be a “adaptogen” substance, that is, capable of improving the body’s health according to its needs (raising or lowering body temperature and blood pressure, losing or gaining weight, stimulating or calming the Central nervous system, etc.). Difficult in these conditions to meet the requirements of modern medical research… It has shown that the ingestion of ginseng stimulates the immune system.

Nevertheless, the E Commission and the World Health Organization (WHO) recognize the use of Ginseng (Asian) to tone the body of tired or weakened people, to restore the capacity for physical work and intellectual concentration and help convalescents people to regain strength. Ginseng can be taken as a standardized extract (containing 4 to 7% ginsenosides) at a rate of 200 mg, 1 to 3 times per day, or in decoction by boiling 2 g of roots in 150 ml of water for 15 minutes.

Yerba mate to fight falling asleep
In the sixteenth century, the travel story of a Spanish explorer reports that the Guarani Indians of Paraguay are drinking a strange magic potion that promotes good humor and hunts fatigue. This potion, prepared from an infusion of leaves, was soon to rage in Spain, to the point of urging the Jesuits to implant the cultivation of the trees that produce these leaves so peculiar: Yerba Maté. On the other side of the globe, in India, it is also cultivated. It is part of the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia for the treatment of headaches and fatigue.

Coincidence? Scientific research has since shown that the caffeine contained in Yerba maté stimulates the central nervous system, thus reinforcing attention and combating fatigue. Since 1988, the Commission has recognized the medicinal use of Yerba maté to combat both mental and physical fatigue. Yerba Maté can be taken in the form of leaves (2 to 4g) which are infused in 150 ml of boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. It is possible to take 2 cups a day.

Cola, a short-term anti-fatigue
Chewed for millennia in Africa, cola seeds were used to counteract physical and intellectual fatigue. They were the object of a major trade from the 14th century on wards: the great Travelers plebiscite before embarking on the long crossing of the Sahara to better tolerate fatigue, hunger and thirst during the journey. This particularity is explained by the presence of caffeine in its composition. Moreover, originally, a well-known brand of soda contained cola, which has since been replaced by synthetic caffeine.

The daily experience and the results of scientific research undoubtedly show the interest of cola in the fight against short-term fatigue, thanks to caffeine, known to stimulate the nervous system. The Commission E recommends to take 2 to 6 g per day of dried powder, 2 or 3 times, which does not exceed a quantity of 150 mg of caffeine per day.

Don’t forget to consult your doctor if the fatigue stays for a long time. Please share this article with your friends Thank you!


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