Just Use these 2 Recipes and your Hair Will Grow Faster like it’s crazy!!

Because 10 millimeters a month this is really not enough here are some tips to stimulate hair growth.

Yes, it was a good idea to cut your hair squared this summer. The square is beautiful, it’s trendy and practical when it’s hot but now you dream of finding your mane for the winter? What to do then?

1. Grandma’s Recipes
Yes! In fact, we tested and approved one for you.

The recipe:

Once or twice a week, make a mask based on egg and olive oil. Divide the mixture over the lengths and tips. Avoid the scalp so as not to make the hair greasy and sticky.

Let it stand for 3 to 4 hours. Rinse the whole thing (preferably twice to make sure you have eliminated everything).

2. The coconut milk CURE
In addition to thickening, moisturizing and nourishing the hair, coconut milk would also accelerate its growth.

The recipe:

Take milk that contains at least 90% coconut. (This is easily found in large areas in the world .)

It is put on the whole of his hair, including the scalp. We rub it well and let it rest for a few hours. We do this two to three times a week.

please don’t forget to share this two recipes with all your friends, Thank you !

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