Just Use These Plants Two Times, and Say Good By To Hair Loss Forever , Do you know what causes hair loss? The experts say that hair loss is related to various factors as stress, pregnancy, menopause, weight loss

Looking for natural and effective anti-hair falls?
You tested X products without finding the solution to your problem?

Don’t ruin yourself with miracle products, go to the plants!

1st Anti Natural hair fall: stinging nettle
The stinging nettle is rich in minerals, vitamins, it helps to strengthen the hair and to promote their growth. It is a hair tonic that gives shine and strength to dull and tired hair.

Its astringent action allows to regulate fatty scalps leathers. If you have trouble with dandruff, it will help you eliminate them.

The best anti-fall synergies:
Hydrosols of rosemary, sage officinal, essential oils of spikenard, grapefruit, Atlas cedar, Horsetail powder, Kapoor Kachli powder, Amla.

How to use it?
If you opt for the option of nettle Hydrolat:

It is possible to make a lotion.
As the Hydrolat of nettle alone can give a feeling a little sticky in the hair, I advise you to mix it with other Hydrosols: Atlas cedar, Rosemary Verbenone. Your lotion will still be more enjoyable to use!

Practicality: The best thing is to put it in a vaporizer to properly diffuse the Hydrolat mixture on the roots of the hair or on the lengths.

The Hydrolat of nettle tends to dry a little scalp, alternate with a product more moisturizing (Aloe vera gel) or nourishing (coconut oil or macadamia).

To decorate your lotion: if you have the scalp not too sensitive, you can add essential oils anti-falls (foxes, grapefruit, rosemary cine-ole, cedar of Atlas, etc.) but it will first have to mix them in a dispersing type (Solubol or disper).

The aqueous phases do not mix with the oily phases (it is said that it is not miscible).

I think that with a mixture of essential oils, you can keep the lotion longer. I would say that the disadvantage of Hydrosols in general is that they only keep very little time.

So in any case, they are kept cool in their fridge to keep them as long as possible.

If you have finally chosen the nettle powder:

Several possible options:
It can be included in the composition of a dry shampoo.
We can make a brew. (Macerate the powder in lukewarm water and filter to recover the aqueous part). This “tea” can service hair lotion (to put in a vaporizer).
Small tip: Well filter, I happened to completely plug the pump system in my vaporizer because of small particles of nettles.
The powder can be added in a preparation of a shampoo to Shikakai (anti-Fall shampoo).
Macérât oil to make a capillary oil (in a base of avocado oil, castor, macadamia or jojoba).

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