Just use this Rosemary Rinse Water to your scalp for few days and say ADIOS to DANDRUFF forever

Tired of having dandruff?
Quickly adopt this rosemary rinse water! It has been several millennia since this plant, reputed to improve the circulation of the scalp and strengthen it, is used to treat the hair. This lotion is very effective for combating dandruff and itching!

All what You need is:
– 3 tbsp dried rosemary (about 8 g)
– 1 liter of water

– A saucepan
– A filter
– One bottle of 1 L

Myhealthypoke recipe
1/carry the water to a boil.
2/Discard the rosemary.
3/Allow to heat over medium heat for 15 minutes.
4/Filter The Rosemary.
5/Wait until the water is cooled.
6/Use this rinse water after your shampoo.

so, please fell free to share this recipe with your friend and let us know if you have other recipes in a comment.

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