Less STRESS with abdominal breathing

Knowing how to breathe by the belly (like babies) is essential to relax. But this often goes against our natural respiration which is often done by “the top”, that is, by only swelling the chest, which greatly reduces our breathing capacity… Damage!

Upright, head and back straight, shoulders relaxed, spread the legs to the width of the pelvis.

-Place the back of one hand flat on the lower back (at the lumbar level) and the palm of the other hand on the lower abdomen (under the navel). Without moving, breathing naturally, without thinking, and observing the movements of the belly for a few moments.

-Start by emptying the air of the lungs as much as possible, exhaling at length through the mouth (as in exercise “straw”).

-then inhale slowly and deeply through the nose by inflating the belly and feeling that the hand placed on the belly rises.

-At the end of the inspiration, mark a pause of 1 second.

-then exhale slowly and profoundly through the mouth and gently retract the belly, as if to bring the navel closer to the spine.

-At the end of the expiration, mark a pause of 1 second.

-Start again trying to find a regular rhythm so that the inspiration and expiration are of the same duration (for example, inspire on 3 beats and exhale on 3 beats).

-Start over a dozen times, several times a day.

The Council: This exercise is sometimes easier in an elongated position. Place one hand under the navel and the other on top. Once the technique is under control, try to slow down the breathing.

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