Liver diseases caused by alcohol.

Among the complications of alcohol abuse, liver disease is the most common. Fatigue and liver pain can testify to a disease caused by alcohol. Let’s get to the point.

Liver: The dangers of alcohol

The liver is the main organ that ensures the transformation of ethanol in alcoholic beverages. Indeed, the vast majority of the alcohol that passes through the bloodstream is eliminated by the liver. But this organ is only able to hunt small quantities. In addition, the disposal process leads to the production of toxic substances that can promote the occurrence of certain diseases. In case of fatigue and liver pain, it is essential to stop drinking alcohol and to drink enough water to purify the liver. A suitable diet must also be put in place.

Alcohol and Liver Diseases

Chronic alcohol consumption can lead to major disturbances in the liver. The first is fatty, i.e. a fat deposit in the liver cells. Inflammation can then appear and cause necrosis of these cells. A scar tissue called fibrosis is formed. In cases where this fibrosis worsens, it completely modifies the tissue of the liver which becomes all hard: it is cirrhosis. Finally, acute alcoholic hepatitis occurs in one in five people with cirrhosis due to drinking. The inflammation continues here despite the alcohol stop, with irreversible lesions.


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