Make a vinegar-based conditioner at home

When one has long hair, or half long, it is not always obvious to untangle them after the shampoo. And if you pass the comb or the brush in any tangled hair, you risk to weaken them, to break them or to pull them out. To facilitate the untangling, the best solution is the conditioner.

If you are a recipe for home and natural products, find out how to make your conditioner in a jiffy!

Vinegar has been used since the beginning of time for hair care. For Cause:

  • The acidity level is similar to that of the natural pH of the hair.
  • Mild solvent, it helps to remove traces of limestone left on the hair during washing.
  • It has anti static power.

Basic recipe for Vinegar conditioner
To untangle the hair and bring them shine, you can simply:

Mix 50 ml of vinegar and 200 ml of water in a bottle.
Pour a bit of this mixture (about 50 ml on medium-length hair), especially on the tips, after washing, rinsing and wringing your hair.
Let dry naturally, without rinsing.

Scent your vinegar
You would like to use natural products for your hair, but no question they smell the vinegar!

To perfume your vinegar before you use it as a conditioner. In a bottle or jar:

  • Make macerate of citrus peel (orange or lemon), or lavender strands for two weeks in 50 ml vinegar.
  • After two weeks, filter the mixture and mix with 200 ml of water.

Caution: Make sure to use citrus peels and untreated flowers for your maceration, so as not to risk that pesticides and other chemicals are not found in your conditioner.

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