Make your body moisturizer at home with natural ingredients

Making a moisturizing milk is within the reach of all, including beginners in home cosmetics. Myhealthypoke has imagined for you an easy and quick recipe to make with only a few ingredients. This milk with texture 100% pleasure is made up only of natural ingredients to take care of its skin at the exit of the shower. A wonderful body care with a delicate rose fragrance that leaves the skin infinitely soft and supple.

Ingredients for 100g preparation:
40g of water
Rose Hydrolat 36g
18g of Jojoba Oil
Cutina emulsifier wax 5g (i.e. 16 spoonfuls 0, 5ml)
0, 6g of conservative Cosgard (20 drops)
0, 3g of xanthan gum grade transparent (i.e. 1 spoon dosing 0, 5ml).

The material of manufacture:
2 Bowls
1 Bain-Marie
1 Mini stainless steel whip
1 Precision Balance
1 Spoon dosing 0.5 ml
1 100ml Flexible Tube

The recipe for moisturizing skin-flowering milk
Pour water, hydrolat and xanthan gum into a bowl (aqueous phase).
Pour the oil and Cutina emulsifier wax into another bowl (oily phase).
Heat the 2 bowls in the water bath by stirring the aqueous phase until the emulsifier wax is completely melted.
Out of the fire, gradually transfer the aqueous phase into the oily phase by shaking vigorously with a mini stainless steel whip until the cream whitens and becomes homogeneous (about 3 minutes of agitation).
Without ceasing to agitate, place the bowl in a cold water bottom until the cream thickens and becomes smooth (about 3 minutes of agitation).
Add the Cosgard and then mix to homogenize the preparation.
Transfer the preparation to your 100ml flexible tube.
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