Top 4 mistakes to avoid when you have dandruff

Dandruff, an irreversible scourge? Not necessarily. Here are 4 mistakes that we don’t think about and that can create and aggravate the phenomenon.

Dandruff affects all types of hair in different forms. They are the result of an abnormal peeling of the scalp, which is renewed every seven days instead of three weeks. Dry, they are the ones that all know, who fall on the shoulders with a result for the least unsightly. Greasy, they are more discreet but cause itching and irritation. How do you get rid of it once and for all? An expert enlightens us on the subject.

1. Take care only of its lengths

“We always work on the lengths, never on the roots,” says Imane Karem, director of Hairdressing salon-Spa Ahora-BAZER in Paris. In fact, if you want to avoid dry tips and forks, you forget that the scalp needs comfort, too. Left behind, it is only when the shampoo is massaged. Washed but not very nourished, it irritates easily. The epidermis, attacked, creates new cells and removes the old ones. and dry films are appearing. Same fight for oily dandruff that proliferate and cause irritation and itching.

2. Use the wrong products

Yes, it is necessary to take into account its scalp, but not any way: “Chemical ingredients, abrasives, are to be avoided.” To alleviate irritation, it will be necessary to favour soft formulations, the most natural possible: “The important thing is to purify, cleanse and let breathe.” Masks and treatments to the balm texture are to be preferred to eliminate dry dandruff. As for oily films, which do not fall and are the consequence of a too full of sebum, it is necessary, in addition, to avoid the products too fatty and to favour specific dandruff care, such as hair peels.

3. Expose your hair to temperature changes

If, in addition to a daily shampoo, you leave your hair wet, or expose them to extreme temperatures – weather, smoothing, blow-drying – we won the jackpot! Temperature changes affect the health of the scalp. So don’t make it do the yo-yo. When leaving the shower, just dry gently with the towel, wait until its mane is almost dry, and then brush, advises the expert. A consuming routine, but for the good cause.

4. Have a poor hygiene of life

Finally, dandruff does not only come from errors in its routine of care. Apart from dermatological problems – requiring the help of a professional – a poor hygiene of life can be an aggravating factor. “You have to have a healthy diet, avoid smoking and drink alcohol.” There is nothing worse for dandruff, explains Imane Karem. As the skin of the face becomes dull, itchy, itchy, the scalp will react to a too hectic evening, or to a breakfast too greasy.

In summary, the recipe to get rid of dandruff? Heal, but let breathe; Choose the right Products But do not use too much; rinse well with what is applied to your hair, but do not wash them too frequently. A balance that fits only one hair.

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