More breathing capacity with the COMPLETE.

This maximum oxygen exercise loosens the rib cage, tones up the abs and improves posture. It’s a great anti-stress.

Upright, straight back, shoulders loosened, spread the legs to the width of the pelvis.

-Lay one hand on the lower abdomen and the other on the torso, just below the clavicles.

-Start by draining the air from the lungs as much as possible by exhaling at length (as in Exercise “straw”).

-Slowly inhale by inflating the belly, then the bottom of the rib cage (the ribs deviate slightly), then the upper part of the thorax (the torso is bomb and the shoulders open slightly).

-Exhale slowly by first emptying the belly (by slightly contracting the abdominal muscles), then the rib cage (the ribs tighten slightly), then the upper part of the thorax (the torso lowers slightly).

-Repeat 3 to 5 times, several times a day.

The Council: Once this breath is well controlled, lengthen the expiration so that it is two or even three times longer than the inspiration.

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