Natural recipes||Oils and creams for soft skin

Moisturizing recipe to have soft skin.

Apply and massage your body with:

1-Argan Oil

Argan oil, without odour, thanks to its high vitamin E content, softens, hydrates and protects the skin from drying out.

2-Olive oil and marigold flowers

This maceration moisturizes perfectly the skin and makes it soft.


In a bottle half full of olive oil throw a good handful of dried marigold flowers.

Let Macerate have a good week.

Use in moisturizing oil.

3-olive oil/honey/lemon

Massage the body with this mixture.


Mix two tablespoons of olive oil, the juice of half a lemon and a spoon of liquid honey.

4-olive oil/lemon/avocado

Massage the body with a vitamin mixture.


Mix two tablespoons of olive oil, half a lemon juice and half a avocado purée.

5-milk and rose essential oil

Chile’s essential oil of Musk rose is a potent rehydrating agent.


Add to your body milk about ten drops of Chili’s essential oil of Musk rose.

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