Natural remedies to protect your throat

Inflammation, coughing, itching and other sore throats can be cured from natural remedies, hot beverages, gargles, syrups, concocted from foods or medicinal plants.

Hot beverages and gargle against sore throat

Different foods and natural ingredients that are easily found in the supermarket are good elements for preparing hot beverages that are known to relieve sore throats.

Hot Lemon Drink
One of the most effective home remedies for reducing the intensity of sore throat is the prepared drink made from lemon, hot water and honey. Just mix the juice with a half lemon and a teaspoon (= tsp) of honey in 250 ml of hot water. The flavoring, antioxidant components, contained in the Lemon Act to reduce the inflammation of the throat. Just like Lemon, honey has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has an antibacterial effect due to its low pH, texture and low protein concentration.

Salt gargle
Salt-gargling is a simple solution to repeat several times a day, if necessary. It is necessary to count 1 teaspoon (= tsp) of salt for 250 ml of boiling water. Once the mixture is cooled, it can be used every 2-3 hours. Salt has antibacterial activity, which will limit the proliferation of bacteria responsible for sore throats.

Mouthwash with baking soda
An alternative to the traditional salt gargle is that of baking soda. Like salt, this product is used to stop bacteria and is safe for health. It can even be added to the daily routine of oral hygiene.

Homemade syrups to soothe cough related to sore throat

Homemade syrups are a good alternative to syrups for sale in pharmacies that usually contain a multitude of medications. Like hot drinks and gargling, they are prepared with food and plants.

Onion syrup
In addition to the antioxidants stimulating your natural defenses it contains, the onion has antibacterial properties that will promote a return to normal. To concoct the syrup, simply simmer 6 chopped white onions and ½ cup of honey in the water bath for 2 hours. Thereafter, the mixture must be passed through the sieve to collect the liquid, or the syrup.

Clove syrup
Cloves have the ability to numb pain, which will have a soothing effect on cough and sore throat. The preparation of this syrup is simple: leave macerate in the refrigerator 5 or 6 cloves in 250 ml of honey during a full night. The next day, just remove the cloves and the syrup is ready to be consumed.

Eucalyptus and sage to relieve inflammation of the throat

Many plants have properties that allow them to treat sore throats, coughs and itches. These include eucalyptus, the use of which is known to treat inflammation of the airways. These medicinal effects would be attributable to a compound contained in its leaves, eucalyptus.




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