Use Nigel’s oil for the skin.

Do you have dry, sensitive or delicate skin? Nigel’s oil is made for you. Stemming from the seeds of the flower of the same name, it has soothing virtues, calms the irritations and nourishes the epidermis to give it flexibility. But that’s not all, it is also known to prevent the appearance of pimples thanks to its anti-bacterial and purifying properties. Antioxidant, it is suitable for mature skins because it fights against free radicals, and thus acts against skin ageing.

How to use it?

The Nigel oil can be applied alone directly on the skin by practicing a massage in circular movements with the fingers, both on the face and on the body. If it is not greasy, it has a pretty strong odor that can disturb. If this is your case, you just have to mix it with another more neutral vegetable oil.

Nigel Oil for Hair
It is also very popular for hair. If they are dull, they will recover all their brilliance thanks to a care: just apply on the scalp and on the lengths a few drops of this oil then let it act for 30 minutes before proceeding to a mild shampoo. No time to do such a long treatment? It is quite possible to add a few drops of oil to your shampoo.

In order for the oil of Nigel to offer you all its efficiency, be careful to choose pure 100% Natural, virgin, first pressure cold and organic preferably.

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