6 tips from grandmother to combat Oral thrush;

When we think of mycoses, those that affect the vagina, or even nails come immediately to mind. Yet, the mouth is not at rest and is frequently affected. In most cases, there is the appearance of thrush, a small whitish deposit that tingling, burning and spreads. This can interfere with swallowing and feeding, and cause pain and nausea. In general, a fungus named CANDIDA ALBICANS is responsible for oral fungus.


When all goes well, he lives in harmony with the protective bacteria from the oral flora. However, in good opportunists they are, they tend to multiply quickly if conditions are favorable to them!


Indeed, taking certain medications (particularly of immunosuppressors, corticosteroids, antacid type…), dry mouth (common among the older and those taking Neuroleptics), diabetes, taking broad-spectrum antibiotics… Here are a few tips to fight oral fungus in addition to treatment and follow-up of your doctor.

(1) the garlic against oral thrush;

Garlic is commonly recommended for those who have health problems. This is explained by his virtues antifungal, antibiotic and antiseptic powerful. His first strength lies in its sulphur compounds: the alliin, allicin and the alliinase and the S-allylcysteine. Thus, you hardly find better against your mouth fungus. For this, you can eat it several times a day in its raw form to preserve its healing qualities (4-5 cloves). In addition, we recommend to concoct mouthwash dealing with hot water and some crushed cloves. In addition, this infused water can be filtered and drunk.

(2) the cider vinegar;

Mushrooms are afraid its acidity, minerals (zinc, magnesium…) and its many enzymes. What is more, by helping to balance the body’s pH, it stops the proliferation of yeasts. Antifungal power proven by a study of 2014 on candida species is added to this list of virtues. Nothing to spoil, it is excellent for immunity… Another good point to deal with the infection. Invite him into your kitchen, including salads. Also, you can dilute it with a bit of distilled water for gargle you a few minutes. Finally, the bravest to be added a TBS. in 230 ml of water to drink and honey (probiotic, antibacterial, antibiotic) before each meal.

(3) the grapefruit to make the skin

First, know that the seeds of grapefruit are the germicidal notorious. The extract derived from help in effectively combating fungi. Use it as explained above for the garlic. It is also possible to drink grapefruit juice and resorting to its essential oil against inflammation. For this, count two drops in a glass of water or applied directly on the tongue.

(4) Coconut oil, the most exotic remedy;

The above mentioned remedies don’t kick you too? You’ll love the coconut or copra oil. Indeed, it is ideal for a metabolism in shape thanks to its saturated fatty acids. Once again, you can cook with to replace your usual oils and give more flavor to the dishes. The spices blend very well with. Furthermore, there is a theory according to which oils attract toxins. Of course, this theory divides, but you gargle with coconut oil will help you to enjoy its many benefits and relieve more oral Mycosis. A study of 2007 published in the Journal of Medicinal Food indeed attest its effectiveness against the offending yeast.

Careful, it is to do after brushing and he should spit in the trash and not the sink (it solidifies and may clog the pipes). For more efficiency, go him oil essential tree tea, an excellent antifungal. Its effectiveness on candida albicans is proved since a 2004 study, so enjoy. To do this, add one to two drops of essential oil and gargle and hold.

(5) the probiotic yogurt

Here, this isn’t the digestive aspect that interests us, but the fight against micro-organisms that seek to impose too much. That said, it is important that you don’t rely only on no sweet yoghurt! Indeed, its Lactobacilli are among the best helpers of camp to face the thrush and the associated inflammation. Try to eat more yogurt than usual for help. You can also keep a spoon in the mouth for a long time before swallowing it like mouthwash. This will help greatly. What’s more, you can apply yogurt on areas to deal with your clean finger several times a day. After 5-10 minutes of installation, rinse.

(6) the bicarbonate of soda, a relief against oral Mycosis;

You, maybe, tired that noted, but we don’t priverons we talk about. When a product works and the uses are many, enjoy it! In this case, bicarbonate is an excellent healing and soothing. In addition, he fought the acidity that mushrooms like so. In fact, it rebalances the pH of the mouth to cut short the infection. Thus, we recommend gargle you with a glass of water plus a half-teaspoon of bicarbonate. Finally, remember that you can also swallow the mixture.

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