Otitis: A granny remedy that really relieves

Otitis is recognized with certain symptoms such as pulsatile pain (in connection with the heartbeat), flows, buzzing, headaches and dizziness, corks… Unfortunately for some ears, they can be repeated and prevent you from closing your eyes. This is particularly the case in children under the age of six who have a weaker immune system and a conduit between the ear and the nose (the very useful proboscis of Eustache) which can be more easily filled with bacteria and viruses because of its narrowness. It is very simple, before reaching their three years, two thirds of the children will suffer. Moreover, it is such a common condition that it generates two to three million consultations a year so we understand that you are looking for a cure from Grandma that really relieves!

It is important to go to the doctor for a diagnosis and a suitable treatment. In addition, the tips of our grandmothers bring relief. We will always love the famous garlic oil which soothes the pains and the sock filled with large salt heated to the frying pan, but this infusion can also bring you comfort and is generally useful for any ENT disease (colds, flu, Sinusitis, angina…).

What you need:

-500 ml boiling water
-80 g lemon bark (preferably organic)
-Optional: Good honey

The steps:

1) in a jar or airtight container, arrange your fragmented lemon bark.

2) It is then necessary to cover with boiling water and close the container carefully. Let it rest for fifteen minutes so that the water can brew from the sweet lemon taste of the bark.

3) To complete the preparation, filter it and add a little honey for the taste. Lemon and honey are indeed a great team and these two ingredients will do you good!

You must drink this infusion throughout the day, especially after having taken your meals, in the afternoon as well as before bedtime to be relieved before you go to slip under the sheets.

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