Overweight Stress at work predisposes women to obesity

Being a woman and having heavy responsibilities at work is not good for waist circumference! Explanations.

A study, conducted by researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, shows a link between women’s responsibilities at work and weight gain. The researchers followed for 20 years nearly 4 000 people, women and men, working.

Stress at work: 20% higher weight gain in women

The study showed that women and men who were struggling to control their stress at work, their pace of work and the psychological pressures that may ensue tended to gain weight: about 10%.

However, women with long-term professional responsibilities saw their starting weight increase by 20% compared to those that were not subject to high professional pressures.

Women lack time for them

The researchers explain, in part, this weight gain that can lead to obesity by the fact that these women have a double intense life: they not only have great professional responsibilities, but they also manage the life of the family. As a result, they have very little time to relax, rest, or exercise, compared to men!

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