Pollen allergy: 15 reflexes to avoid hay fever.

That says reappearance of the beautiful days, says great return of sensitivities to pollen. So, to protect yourself from seasonal allergic rhinitis, discover 15 urgent reflexes to adopt!

Whether they live in the city or in the countryside, people who are allergic to pollen are not spared. As soon as the beautiful days arrive, the first symptoms appear: red and watery eyes, runny nose, repetitive sneezing… The most sensitive can be really disturbed in contact with Pollens.

To improve a little the daily life of people prone to allergic rhinitis, some reflexes and tips exist… Just know them and apply them!

Do not roll open windows
Whether it is in town or in the countryside, the pollen fly, and if you drive the windows open, you are very much exposed. Moreover, when you are in town, you have a double problem: pollution adds to the pollen and increases their irritating potential!

Ventilate its interior… But not anytime
Like the whole year, even in case of allergies to pollen, it is necessary to continue to aerate its interior at least twice a day. But as the plants pollinate when the sun is warmer, from 11 am in the morning, and until about 17 pm in the evening, we fluffs every room of the house at least 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

Undressing on the way home
As soon as you come from the outside, you get pollen into your home… The reflex to adopt is therefore to remove his clothes when coming home. Be careful to undress in a room other than the room, to avoid scattering the pollen on the bed linen…
Before you put them back on, we wash them, or at least shake them out of the window.

Avoiding walks in the middle of nature
Even if it is very tempting with the beautiful days that are back, it when one is allergic to pollen, it is better to avoid going for a stroll in the countryside, in the forest or even in the parks in town…

From May June there is a big spike in pollen allergies, if you are very sensitive, you opt instead for an indoor picnic, where in a place where there is not too much exposure to pollen.

Do not dry the laundry outside
With the beautiful days, it is tempting to dry the clothes in the open air. But the fibers of the linen collect the pollen, which are then brought back inside… It is thus avoided to extend its linen in the gardens or on the balconies.

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