Pregnant, I protect myself from the cold

Pregnancy is not a disease, but it changes the reactions of your body. This is why, this winter, it is better to reduce the physical efforts in case of cold weather, to limit the exits in case of ice and to protect your skin well. Here are the three precautions to take.

1. Spare yourself

–> The cold does not just promote the spread of many viruses, it subjects the organism to strain, and blood circulation particularly. It shrinks the diameter of the blood vessels. So, to fight the cooling, your heart starts to beat faster, even if you are in good shape. This increases blood pressure and can have consequences on the proper course of your pregnancy.
–> If moderate physical activity is recommended during pregnancy, even in winter, in case of cold weather, it is best to limit your physical exertion.

2. Limit your travel

–> It’s not about staying cloistered during the winter. But in case of snow and ice, if you don’t have to go out, stay at home. Climatic conditions and pregnancy increase the risk of falls and accidents are increased by your state. On the one hand because of hormonal changes, your ligaments are more lax, which weakens your joints, your ankles in particular, on the other hand the weight gain harms a little to the balance of your body..;

3. Protect your body from the cold

–> When you go out, cover yourself well by superimposing layers of clothing that should not be too tight. Focus on the ends by protecting hands, head and neck with gloves, bonnet and scarf.
–> Think about moisturizing your skin with creams for the body, face and hands without forgetting the lip stick.
–> Drink a lot without waiting to feel the thirst.
–> Prefer a balanced diet, rich in slow sugars (pasta, rice, cereals, breads), not forgetting the fruits and vegetables to have your vitamin account

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