Pretty nails: 10 beauty tips to know

Massage them with vegetable oils, carry out a homemade care, adopt the correct technique to file them or bleach them with the help of a lemon… Here are some easy to adopt and ultra-efficient tips for displaying sublime nails.

Dislodge the small impurities
To have nice nails, it must be perfectly clean. For this, some tips to remove any trapped dust. We can forget the limes and other small metal accessories to go dislodge the dirt under the nails: just take a small brush, why not a toothbrush with water and baking soda and rub gently. Instead of baking soda, SOAP will also perfectly do.

Use white vinegar
Nails are made of the same material as the hair keratin fiber. To make it more shiny, as for the hair, you can dip them in a small bowl filled with white vinegar.

Take care of your cuticles
Impeccable nails, to treat cuticles, these small skins that come off and which are sometimes painful. It is moisture that will come out with, each evening, a massage of the contour of the nail with a cream for hands.

Make a homemade recipe
Mix a spattering of Earth, 2 leaves of cabbage, and 2 or 3 tablespoons of oatmeal, apply all on the nails and leave on for a few minutes.

Massage your nails with a vegetable oil
How to have good white nails? The first step is to make them resistant, solid. Finish nails soft and transparent: olive oil or sweet almond massage oil will give them strength and protect them from external attack. A stone two strokes: for problems of cuticles, it helps to soften them and make them disappear.

Bleach them with a lemon
Lemon is an ally of unparalleled beauty. By rubbing it on the nail, it makes them become shinier and stronger.

Strengthen them with oxygenated water
Plunge your fingers for 10 minutes each week in warm water mixed to oxygenated water. Your nails will be more strong and more white.

Consume of beer yeast
It is in the form of food supplements, tablets or in glitter. Do one to two 2 months of treatment each year to fortify and enhance your nails.

Make a bath conditioner
Mix olive oil and a few drops of essential oil of lavender or ylang-ylang. Soak a few minutes your nails in this mixture to make them less brittle. Each week, dip your fingers in warm and salty water for 10 minutes: this small bath will make them resistant.

Practice good form for filing your nails
If yours are brittle and tend to split, better to go to the outer edges and go to the Center, still filing in the same sense to avoid undermining even more keratin.

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