1001 reasons being single on Valentine’s Day rocks. Who needs relationships when you’ve got online shopping?

Nowadays, being in a relationship is the holy grail of our society. Yet being single is not so bad. You can make impromptu romantic encounters, enjoy your free time. To see your girlfriends stressing for Valentine’s Day, you are now sure that spending this solo party is the best thing that can happen to you. Here are six arguments that prove you’re right.

The benefits of being alone on Valentine’s Day.

You’re saving money.
The advantage of being solo is that you have no pressure because you do not have a gift to offer. result, you have more money in your account, and that says more money, says more shopping, cultural outings, books…

You can relax.
You don’t have to stress to organize the meal of the century. While all the couples will be crammed together in a restaurant, you will be warm on the couch.

You can continue to live in denial.
Being a couple is realizing that Leonardo Dicaprio only exists in Hollywood.

No, your baby will not have thought to offer you the dress of your dreams, no it will not bring you breakfast in bed…

While you, single and proud to be, you can continue to fantasize about the beautiful Leo (well, what if you were watching Titanic?).

You are never disappointed.
You make your own Valentine’s Day gift, yes, because you are never better served than by ourselves. To you the chocolates, the latest sneakers trends…

You have no doubt.
You are convinced that you have found the rare gem. After all, you’re in a relationship with yourself. No hassles, no disappointment (except when you crack on this sugar donut)… Everything’s fine in the best of worlds.

You can stay in your pajamas.
Forgot the super sexy lingerie set, the Night of Madness (good, there, it’s a bit of a pity), and the torture session at the beautician. Long live the cotton pajamas, the fuzzy bun and the mismatched socks.

You can do what you really like.
You do not need to be accommodating with your half, to bend to his love of video games, museums…

You can stroll, go to the movies, stay all day in bed, or spend the Valentines with friends.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day to think of yourself.

You can escape the snapshots.
The bouquet of Roses, the box of chocolates and the map “so romantic”, it’s cute all full, but good… You, you demand originality!

You can abuse chocolate.
It should not be forgotten that the day after Valentine, all the chocolates are half price.

It doesn’t matter if it’s shaped like a heart, covered in red and soft words. Chocolate remains chocolate, and this in any circumstance.


You can be selfish.
Ah The happiness of being single, of having no one to draw on your plate, to be able to re-look never forget without suffering the jealous comments of your companion. Heaven alone with Ryan Gosling!

You can meet Prince Charming.
If the urge takes you to go for a walk in a bar, you can bet that any man present will be single (or else it is a CAD!), and therefore, eventually find the ideal man.

If he is cute, this could end on a terribly sensual night, and perhaps even you will dare to achieve one of his masculine fantasies.

You can use and abuse the pancake Day.
Yes, we know, the Pancake Day is February 9th, but nothing prevents you from extending your tasting.

1001 reasons being single on Valentine’s Day rocks. Who needs relationships when you’ve got online shopping?

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