Renal diseases: 4 things to know about screening

from 9 to 16 March 2019 the National Kidney Week, organized by France Rein and the Kidney Foundation, is taking place. The awareness campaign recalls that screening is important in order to detect early renal disease often “silent.”

Screening must be systematic in people at risk
The kidneys are used to “filter” the blood and to evacuate, via urine, the waste of the body. If kidney function is diminished, then we talk about renal failure. As France Rein indicates, “Some people have a greater likelihood of having renal impairment and must undergo systematic screening.” Among the factors at risk are diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases (such as lupus), family history, taking of kidney-toxic medications (such as dietary supplements) and People over sixty years of age.

Screening is necessary even if there is no discernible symptom
National Kidney Week is an opportunity for women, as well as men, to be screened to check the proper functioning of their kidneys. Renal failure is said to be “silent”: it is not manifested by any perceptible symptoms. Yet the damage can happen without being aware of it. Early detection can help prevent dialysis.

Simple and anonymous screening
Screening is anonymous and free. The test is done with a urine strip. Through the sample, doctors detect kidney damage at an early stage by the presence of blood and that of a protein called albumin, normally filtered by the kidneys. The test can be done both by the general practitioner, the Diabetologist, the cardiologist, and the work doctor. Screening is accompanied by interrogation to check the family history, blood pressure and blood glucose levels of the patient. A blood test can also be considered after the first step of the urinary strip.

Screening sites throughout France
On the occasion of National Kidney Week, awareness-raising activities are organized. Anyone can ask without taking appointments to be screened and get answers to the questions it asks about renal failure. Hospitals, clinics and other public places all over France are mobilized.

For more information, find the National Kidney Week program 2019.

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