Romantic gestures to spice up everyday life

After the euphoria of the beginning, romantic relationships often become monotony. For most couples, the routine seems to take precedence over passion: the family and professional obligations, the habit and the small daily torments sometimes make us forget the romance…

Even if we all know that it is essential to maintain the flame, we mostly only fill our sweet half of attention on special occasions: Valentine’s Day, its birthday, Christmas, a meeting anniversary… But there are so many other occasions! Any examples? Here is the typical day of the perfect romantic… It’s true that all these attentions in one day would be a bit much, but one from time to time?

Waking up

Breakfast in bed: a great classic!

Of course, the full lunch with egg-bacon, hot croissants, coffee with milk and fresh flower brought on a platter requires a little time. We’ll save this for the weekend. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from getting up a few minutes earlier to prepare the fresh orange juice that your spouse adores. And do not forget to tell him that you intend to take advantage of the energy brought by this over-vitamin C at the end of the day! With a wink and a naughty smile… In any case, try to sit at least fifteen minutes together in the morning, to have a coffee and discuss everything except work. It’s quite a challenge, but you’re capable!

In the bathroom
If you run out of time in the morning, enjoy it to take your shower together once in a while. And it does not always need to be a hug. Just touching yourself with soapy hands can be very romantic.

In Mirrors
If the common shower may “turn bad” and make you late to the office, just write small messages on the mirror. Take advantage of condensation, or use the good old method of lipstick.

For women
Wear an attractive (but comfortable) lingerie set under your work clothes and make sure that Monsieur has seen it all. He will think of you all day…

At noon
Surprise Dinner
If it is possible, you should occasionally point to his office for dinner together. Treat yourself to a restaurant (even fast) or an impromptu picnic in the park at the corner of the street.

A little Word
Place a small card with a message like “I’m looking forward to tonight” in his lunch box.

During the evening
Moment of Relaxation
Have a drink and chat to unwind while preparing the meal. On occasion, set your goal to speak only of the good times of the day, to create a relaxed atmosphere.

No pajamas
Many people change clothes on their way home from work to “relax”. Result? Your spouse only sees you in pajamas or fleece cotton. Remember the beginnings of your relationship: you always tried to be at best to seduce the other. From time to time, dress, makeup, surprise the other!

Small attention
Give him a gift on occasion, for the pleasure of offering: This book or this DVD that he or she wished so much, or any other object that will please him.

Moment of Intimacy
When you have children, it is not easy to keep an optimum intimacy, but you can always sleep at the same time. Not only is it good for them, but you will know that every evening from 20h (for example), you will have a few hours “in love”.

A hot bath
Run a bubble bath and give your partner a dip while you gently rub his tired muscles. Who knows, he (she) may ask you to join him!

Each week, set up a night (or more) without a TV. Take the opportunity to chat, laugh, play games you both love.

Some souvenirs…
Sometimes listen to meaningful “Tounes” in your story. Remember those moments at the beginning of your relationship. Look at your travel pictures. Immerse yourself in your common memories to revive the feelings that lived on these specific occasions.

All day by email
We write dozens of emails during the day, and how much to our lover? If the answer is zero, it might be time to remedy that. It is of course not to write a love letter of eighteen pages, but only a few nice words. And we’re not talking about the kids to get to the soccer practice, the errands or the invitation to stepmother. Just a few sweet words. Tell him that you love him, that you miss him, that you have heard a song that made you think of him (her).

A phone call
Take advantage of your break to call. Even if you fall on the voicemail, leave a message, say you wanted to hear his voice. Or show yourself more naughty if the heart tells you.

Cute delivery
Have flowers or chocolates delivered to his office, for no reason, just for the sake of telling her that you love her.

At night
Dare to change
Hmmm… Is it really necessary to tell you what to do once the lights are off? Well, turn them back on, precisely! Try not to do things the same way as usual. You have to evacuate the routine, even in your lovemaking. Bet on lingerie, massage oils, and all the other things that tempt you (as long as you both agree on how your love games will turn out).

In the guest room?
If you have a friend’s room, install candles and other romantic (or naughty) accessories and invite your partner to join you. You will almost feel like you are in a hotel.

Go to sleep!
In the same vein, do from time to time keep the children and choose to spend the night out of the house. It is not necessary to offer an overpriced package in a fashionable hostel. The motel at the exit of the city will do very well the business (if not too “creepy”, all the same). The idea is to break the routine!

To finish…
As you can see, there are a multitude of small things to do, everyday, in order to get out of the vicious circle of underground-work-dodo. You may think that it is “cheesy”, that your spouse does not appreciate this kind of attention, that it will not do any good… But it doesn’t cost anything to try!

Imagine if these simple little gestures (and all the others that you invent) could make you fall passionately in love with the person with whom you already share your life? One thing is for sure, it is not in the meantime and doing nothing that the habit will fade. Obviously there are some efforts to make, but the game is worth the effort.

Be creative, remember what was pleasing to your lover 5, 10 or 15 years ago… There is a good chance that he or she will be happy to be still at the center of your attention, and your heart

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